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Meet The "Friends Of Arunodaya"

Arunodaya Charitable Trust (ACT) eye care project, has been able to reach out to over 11,45,400 poor and needy patients, due to the active support from various philanthrophic organizations and donor agencies.


Dr E.W.Jackson, President

Deseret Foundation (now CharityVision) , USA

"Way back in 1990 - I became acquainted with eminent Ophthalmologists - Drs. Arun & Reena Sethi. They had dream, and it was Deseret's good fortune to help them fulfill their goals. The quality eye work they had initiated then, has born good fruit and expanded much beyond those earlier dreams. 


For the past 15 years, Deseret has been supporting them, in their mission to "reverse the tide of curable blindness", in Delhi. In 2004, we collaborated in the construction of a beautiful and functional state of the art, tertiary eye care hospital - the Arunodaya Deseret Eye Hospital (ADEH), where charity work and training go on at an ever increasing rate, since 1st January, 2005.


ADEH is expected to become relatively self sufficient in a few years. Still there will always be demand for additional funding. We hope some of you will consider becoming partners, and support of efforts.


The name "Deseret" is taken from an ancient from word representing beehive - and suggests the idea that in the beehive all work together, doing what they do best, for a common cause. and they produce something sweet! We encourage and of the readers to consider becoming associated with Arunodaya - Deseret Hive and help this noble work along. You will never find a bigger bang for the buck, with any other foundation" 


Prime Minister Of Ireland : Hon'ble Mr Bertie Ahern

Help Us.

On 20th January 2006, Hon'ble Mr. Bertie Arnes, then Prime Minister of Ireland, presented the mobile eye care van at a well attended ceremony in New Delhi. Which now covers a large scale of the Mewat and surrounding gurgaon district with facilities making the mobile eye care system a success!


Mitt Romney, Nominee for President Of the United States

Board Trustee, CharityVision, USA

In 2015, Mr Mitt Romney, the United States Presidential candidate and ex Governor of Massachusetts, along with the CharityVision Team, were a part of a successful eye camp organised and conducted by the Arunodaya Charitable Trust and the Nemrana group, in the Nemrana district of Rajasthan, India.


Our Heartfelt Thanks Go To "Our Ambassadors Of Sight" :

ACT has had the privilege to be aided by various contributors to their mission of reversing the tide of curable blindness by its Ambassadors of Sight the “Friends of Arunodaya”.


  • CharityVision (Deseret Foundation)

  • Dr Pushpa Sethi Memorial Trust

  • DLF Foundation

  • Neemrana Fort-Palace Hotels

  • Embassy Of Ireland,Delhi

  • Embassy Of Japan,Delhi

  • Het Schild (Netherlands)

  • New Zealand High Commission

  • Summit Technologies USA

  • Airtel Telecom


  • LDS Charities, Inc USA

  • Royal Danish Embassy

  • SBI Cards

  • SABIC 

  • Jet Airways

  • American Woman’s Association

  • Australia & N Zealand Women’s Association

  • Winrock International USA

  • Youth Reach INDIA

  • TATA Steel AND MORE…


Eminent Visitors :


* Dr. Gulapalli N. Rao, Direct, L.V. Prasad Eye Institute
* Mr. R.D. Thulasiraj, Director, LAICO, Aravind Eye Care Hosp
* Dr. Rachael Jose, DDGO (Ophthal), Ministry of Health.
* Mr. Pat Bourne, Embassy of Ireland, New Delhi.
* H.E. Hiyashi, Ambassador of Japan.
* H.E. Mr. M. Moonesinghe, High Commissioner of Sri Lanka.
* Dr. Robert Walters, Chairman, ORBIS, U.K..
* Mr. Mansoor Ali Khan, Nawab of Pataudi.

* Mr. Shashi Tharoor, MP, Lok Sabha, India

Eminent Volunteers

* Prof Dr Micheal Blumenthal, Israel

* Dr. Harry S. Brown, USA

* Dr. Stanley Shorb, USA 

* Dr. Lisa Arbisser, USA

* Dr. Gerald Schultz, USA

* Dr. Harold Koenig, South Africa

* Dr. Jerry Schwartz, Australia

* Prof. Akira Nakajima, Japan

* Dr. Amir Arbisser, USA

* Dr. Branson Call, USA

* Sister Joyce Alm, RN, USA 

* Sister Joyce Crosbey, RN, USA & many more...



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