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Meet Our Team

The Ophthalmic Directors - Dr. Arun Sethi & Dr. Reena Sethi, have over 30 years of experience in clinical & surgical ophthalmic practice. They had a dream to create a world class tertiary eye care facility, which would provide quality eye care, to all sections of the society, in an ethical and professional environment.

The directors are consultants to leading hospitals in New Delhi, including Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Escorts Heart Institute & Research Centre, Diplomatic Missions: including the American Embassy, British High Commission, Canadian High Commission, etc. 


They are also members & presenters of leading professional ophthalmic societies like the American Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgery (ASCRS), American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), All India Ophthalmological Society (AIOS), etc



With a track record of treating over 11,40,000 patients, in their programme and conducting nearly 45,400 sight restoring surgeries, which were successfully undertaken. Our consultants bring extensive clinical acumen and experience, to provide the best possible care, to their eminent patients.

Despite the pressure of work, the commitment of the founders, has resulted in an advanced eye care facility, being made available, on different floor, for the economically weaker section of the society. Nearly 2000 patients are benefited every month, under this eye care project.


Reaching the Unreached

GIVE BEFORE THEY GIVE UP! is our motto and can be yours too, if you would like to make a difference in someones life, by a simple contribution!

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