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Our Projects.

Arunodaya Charitable Trust (ACT), since its inception in 1990, has been focused on bringing eye care to the needy in order to "Give Before They Give Up!". With a team of  ophthalmologists, optometrists and eye care providers of over 30 years of experience, ACT has reached to over 1.1 million patients in its area of operations, i.e. parts of Delhi, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh in Northern India. 

Equipped with mobile eye care vans, top of the line equipment and experienced staff ACT has been able to provide services including detailed eye check ups, refractions, glaucoma work ups and lensometery at these villages, thereby providing quality eye care to people who either can't afford or can't reach such quality services, thereby living upto its moto of "Reaching the unreached..."

Along with detailed eye check ups, ACT has also been able to provide free spectacles, free medications and in certain cases free surgeries at these free camps, thereby ensuring the best of care to these patients. With over 40,000 sight restoring surgeries including cataract, squint, retina and glaucoma surgeries, among others, ACT has been able to make a positive impact in the lives of the people of our society, with the help of our sponsors and the friends of Arunodaya.


Become A Friend Of Arunodaya

If you would like to extend a helping hand to help Arunodaya in its mission to reverse the tide of curable blindness, either by devoting your time and skills or by enabling ACT to act in your behalf, you can click on the button below to find out more... 

Community OutReach Projects


Arunodaya Charitable Trust work model has many projects/programs which work along side each other, to help us reach our mission of providing comprehensive eye care to the needy. Find out more about them and how you can make a difference...



Base Hospital Projects

The mission of Arunodaya Deseret Eye Hospital or ADEH, is to be an institute of excellence in super speciality eye care providing to all strata of society. It endeavours to provide world class treatment with a focus on reversing the tide of curable blindness, in its area of operations. ADEH or Base Hospital, since its inception in 2005, it has reached out to over 6 million needy patients in its area of operations.

Various projects providing free surgeries, subsidised surgeries, top of the line diagnostic  investigations and research projects like the diabetes and glaucoma project have been in practice at the community clinic "THE EYE CARE PROJECT" at ADEH. With the help of various friends of Arunodaya ADEH has been able to meet the vision and work on the moto of ACT. Thereby making ADEH a functional stat-of-the-art tertiary eye care hospital where charity work and training go on at an ever increasing rate.


As Dr EW Jackson put it - "The name Deseret is taken from an ancient from word representing beehive - and suggests the idea that in the beehive all work together, doing what they do best, for a common cause. and they produce something sweet! We encourage and of the readers to consider becoming associated with Arunodaya - Deseret Hive and help this noble work along. You will never find a bigger bang for the buck, with any other foundation". 


School Screening Programs

Arunodaya Charitable Trust, along with the Department of Paediatric Ophthalmology at Arunodaya Deseret Eye Hospital, and our sponsors the friends of Arunodaya, have successfully been operating the School Screening Programs at various community and government run schools and Other sites aimed at providing quality and specialised eye care services to children. These services include free spectacles and specialised eye check ups including Squint work ups and refraction with specialised instruments like PlusOptix. 

India is one of the largest populations of youth in the world, and vision loss in children is on the rise. The cause, may it be just a refractive error, lazy eye (Amblyopia), or any other cause like a cataract or squint, team Arunodaya has been working in its area of operations to reverse the tide of curable and preventable blindness amongst these children, Thereby empowering our economy and making the future of India secure. Help us in promoting and doing so by becoming a Friend of Arunodaya ....




Mobile Eye Care Project

Arunodaya Charitable Trust, supported by its mobile eye care team provide top quality eye care to the interiors of Northern India. ACT supported by SBI cards (as a part of a CSR program) have developed an innovative method of providing super speciality eye care to these unreached villages and interiors, by creating "EYE CARE ON WHEELS". This Mobile Eye Care Van, comprises of best of technology available in a modern clinical set up available inside a van. Therefore living up to the Moto of the organisation of "Reaching the unreached..."

Since the start of the project, in April 2017 (4 months now) over 36 villages in the interior of Haryana have been screened and provided quality eye care services. Therefore making top quality eye care services available to those who can't reach it.



Satellite Clinic Projects

Arunodaya Charitable Trust believes that no-one should be deprived of the Gift of Sight and hence, we have endeavoured to extend our services to cover parts of NCR and Haryana through our satellite clinics. These Satellite Clinics provide primary eye care to the needy and act as referral clinics for screening cases needing tertiary care. They are then referred to our base hospital for further management.

Most notable satellite clinic is housed in a temple complex called Mata Ka Mandir Clinic.It has been successful in serving 8500 patients annually and distributing 800 spectacles annually at subsidised rates since its inception in the 90's.


Satellite Clinic At Mata Ka Mandir
Satellite Clinic At Mata Ka Mandir
Satellite Clinic At Mata Ka Mandir
Mobile Eye Care Service ACT
Mobile Eye Care Service ACT
Mobile Eye Care Service ACT
Mobile Eye Care Service ACT


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